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Counsellor required

iTeach Schools
Job Summary
Experience Required : 2 Years
Location : Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Opening Date : 7 January, 2019
Compensation : Rs. 16,000.00 per month
Sector : Education
Functional Area : Education
Job Type : Full time
Desired Job Profile

iTeach Schools is a fast-growing, Teach For India alumni led, start-up focused on providing a free, foundational and excellent education to secondary students. We currently operate six Grade 8 to Grade 10 schools, in a collaborative initiative with the PMC and our funding partners. Our 6 schools served about 1100 students and 330 student alumni. Read more about us at

100% of the students coming to iTeach Schools are from under-resourced and difficult backgrounds. The lack of access to good education and opportunities creates a huge achievement gap. The secondary grades are the last lap of intervention for these students, and most likely, the only chance we have left to level the playing field between them and their high income peers. Education is one sure means for these students to break the circle of poverty.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The school team along with the efforts of the counselor cum remedial educator will be able to bridge the achievement gap by providing the most struggling students with the necessary skill along with working on their will. Our experience has shown that this concrete/tangible skill building boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. Students start working towards closing the achievement gap themselves. This role entails working with the most struggling students who need maximum support to do well in school. The counselor will have to work with the school team to achieve what is needed to support these struggling students.

Counseling and Remediation:

  • Conducting formal psychological assessments for a provisional diagnosis
  • Examining and Identifying academic gaps
  •  Preparing and structuring Individual Student Education Plans (IEPs)
  •   Conducting Remediation Sessions to help the students overcome the academic gap
  • Conducting Personal Counseling Sessions to help the students deal with emotional/ social/ behavioral concerns
  • Documenting every case to establish a qualitative and a quantitative database
  •   Documenting the analysis of sessions
  •   Conducting sessions with children in classrooms on self-awareness, growing up, life skills or topics as may be brought up as concern areas by the teachers
  •  Developing and maintaining Family outreach programs

Teacher support:

  •  Identifying children with emotional, behavioral, learning problems in a classroom setting
  • Observing classroom behavior of troubled students
  •  Discussion of cases with teachers to ensure that the therapy and classroom behavior are effectively aligned
  • Conducting Teacher Awareness workshops (intermittently) to help them understand the causes, symptoms and classroom strategies that can be used for at-risk students
  •   Regularly briefing the teachers, social workers and School Leaders about the status of the children who are undergoing counseling


  • Master’s degree with specialization in psychology and/or counseling
Minimum Experience
  • Work experience: 2 – 5 years including remediation experience
  • Worked directly with children / youth at some point in their prior experience
  • Worked with under-privileged population


  • Strong sense of belief and possibility for bringing about change
  •   High on compassion, commitment, and empathy
  • Non-Judgmental attitude
  • Goal Oriented working style
  •   Ability to foresee and identify problem areas (Student / Family / Student – Teacher)
  •  Deep understanding of various clinical psychological disorders hampering the academic / social / emotional growth of the student
How to Apply
Contact Details
Company Name : iTeach Schools
Contact Person : Tarannumh Shaiikh
Email :