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Lunas Stories-Content Lead & Project Management

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Going to School
Job Summary
Experience Required : 3 Years
Location : South Delhi, Delhi, India.
Opening Date : 25 May, 2017
Closing Date : 30 June, 2017
Sector : Non Profit
Functional Area : Education/ academics
Job Type : Full time
Desired Job Profile
  • Luna is an exceptional little girl who sees the world upside down to be able to make it right side up again. She’s the star of a series of stories we’ve created for girls in rural residential girls schools in Bihar, India. Luna’s stories are a series of books, games and animation. She was very popular last year, this year, she’s grown up a year and needs a new set of stories and challenges. While you’d work with the content team to write, design, research and create Luna’s new stories, you’d also lead the teacher training to ensure that teachers are in turn able to deliver Luna’s stories to girls and manage a team of 40 + women colleagues in Bihar, India, who are visiting schools every day to inspire girls to learn more about Luna and her skills, and make these skills a reality in their lives too.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Collaborate to write Luna’s new stories
  • Develop & create processes, tools for conducting & organizing qualitative research activities with girls in KGBV schools to map entrepreneurial skills they have in their lives, those theyd like to learn and how.
  • Research and write 10 well-researched stories in Hindi and English to be read by school children, especially girls all over India.
  • Work with graphic designers to create and develop designed files for each of the stories. 
  • Evaluate the skills projects submitted by children in Bihar for 21+ skills stories to understand the outcome. Based on the result modify the content.
  • Conduct & assess end-to-end research study from how children understand and access books and to understanding skills and impact of skills education in their lives.
  • Train the graders/team in Bihar on how to evaluate the skill projects submitted by children ensuring that the evaluation process is standardized.
  • Ensure that the skills projects are analysed for each of the skill books and produce the final deliverable report summarizing the findings and outcomes, along with a list of changes that has to be made in the skill book or the activity to make it more effective. One report per book.
  • Creation of new skill books based on the outcomes of the skills report. Create new content and test in Delhi and Bihar. Build relationships with schools for regular testing of the books with children. Submit reports on each testing session.
  • Masters in Literature, History, Anthropology, Design, Mass-Communications, Womens Studies, Geography, Child Development, Education and Curriculum planning.


Minimum Experience
  • Two years of work experience
  • Excellent communication skills with fluency in English and Hindi
  • Strong presentation and facilitation skills, report writing, time management and team building skills.


  • You love to travel, to and in rural parts of India; meet and interact with people to research on topics that you are writing about.
  • You work independently and collaboratively with your team to achieve desired results, despite conflicting demands or priorities;
  • You have working knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel;
  • You have good communication skills with fluency in Hindi and English.
  • You are on time, always. Timelines and deliverables matter to you.
  • You are a great orator, training teachers in the government schools to use our stories in school
  • You believe in the magic and power of stories
  • You lead multiple tasks with competing deadlines with ease
  • And a love for children’s stories and the results, impact they can have on children’s lives
How to Apply
  • Interested candidates should
  • submit samples of their written work, in English and Hindi
  • answer this question: What is the role of design-thinking/human centred design in education and how will you design tools to evaluate its impact in how children learn skills? 300 words.
  • Write to us at and
  • We would love to hear from you!
Contact Details
Company Name : Going to School
Website :
Contact Person : Priyanka