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Student Alumni Wing Manager

iTeach Schools
Job Summary
Experience Required : 2 Years
Location : Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Opening Date : 7 January, 2019
Sector : Education
Functional Area : Education/ academics
Job Type : Full time
Desired Job Profile
iTeach Schools is a fast-growing, Teach For India alumni led, startup focussed on providing a free, foundational and excellent education to secondary students.  We currently operate six Grade 8 to Grade 10 schools, in a collaborative initiative with the PMC School Board and our funding partners.  Our 6 schools serve close to 1100 students and 330 student alumni.  Read more about us at   
The secondary grades are the last lap of intervention for these students, and most probably the only chance we have left to level the playing field  between them and their high income peers.  In the academic year 2019-20, we are looking to start 2 more schools.
As our network of schools grows, so does our student alumni body. This year, we have 330 alumni, next year we will have over 500! The Student Alumni wing will ensure that  every student who graduates from an iTeach School- gets the academic, financial and social support to not only make it to college but through college as well. We are looking for an exceptional person to co-lead this key wing with us.
Tasks and Responsibilities
Responsibilities :
The Student Alumni Manager will co-lead a key vertical of iTeach Schools – the one that ensures that our students make it all the way through college towards stable, safe employment.  iTeach Schools has committed to supporting our students for 5 years post Grade 10.  The Student Alumni Manager will help identify the key levers of this support, and then work with the SAW team to design the most effective and efficient structures to provide it.  At the same time, s/he will codify the learning, and influence the school designs and curriculum to prepare more college and career ready students every day. 
The Student Alumni Manager role is the perfect blend of an external facing role, direct face time with student alumni, strategy contributions and creating lasting impact. 
Co- Design and Execute the Student Alumni Program:
● Help develop a detailed vision for our student alumni, as they progress through the 5 years up to completing degree college ● Identify key challenges faced by them, prioritize based on the goals set
● Research work in this area (KIPP Through program, One Goal, Future First, Akanksha Alumni, etc), contextualize the learning and help create a broad framework to work within.
● Co-design and execute pilot programs to experiment with various approaches to drive student alumni engagement (from a highly structured, incentivized, certificate-based program,to weekly skill-building sessions to an organic monthly learning circle)
● ‘Operationalize’ these pilots by developing project plans & budgets, building partnerships with appropriate service providers (education loan providers, coaching classes, etc) and clear M&E frameworks
● Co-design & execute the program for the fresh graduating batch, as well as the Grade 12 program for our second year alumni
● Help codify the program into a sustainable, scalable model for the network of potentially 10+ iTeach Schools, and other similar organizations
Codify Learning and Feed it Back to the Schools:
● Synthesize the key barriers and enablers for our students, along with the common fundamentals of successful ‘through college’ approaches
● Co-create parts of the secondary school curriculum with the School Leaders & Curriculum Manager, to incorporate the knowledge, skill and mindset pieces necessary to build college and career ready students
● Assist School Leaders to implement the key pieces of the ‘College and Career Readiness’ curriculum
  • Bachelor's Degree in any relevant field
Minimum Experience
● Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 2-3 years of relevant work experience.
● Demonstrated success in investing stakeholders, success in project planning and execution, resource allocation and optimization, operations and evaluation
● Ability and affinity to work with a diverse set of stakeholders and partners, invest them in the objectives of the program, co-create goals, plans and support systems  
● Ability to work on multiple projects at the same time
● An incredibly strong work ethic, willingness to learn and critical reflection
● A drive to push for excellence in varied areas of focus
● A willingness to learn and continuously develop stronger skills   
● An entrepreneurial mindset – eager to design and create systems and processes, rather than follow them
How to Apply

Contact Details
Company Name : iTeach Schools
Contact Person : Tarannumh Shaiikh
Email :