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Come celebrate volunteering with us!

Date: 16 March, 2015 - 30 March, 2015
Registration Deadline: 30 March, 2015
Event type: Other
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Country: India
Region: South Asia
Sponsored by:
Contact Person: Vinelle Vaz
Telephone: 22-65828875

About the Event:

Come celebrate volunteering with us!


Now I am 72, but my days of volunteering are not over! I still love to contribute my time for any volunteering cause.  My motto is 'Give time for a Good cause'. – SarlaMukund, retired, Bangalore


One fine Sunday morning when I had nothing to do, I received a message from Make A Difference informing me about recruitment being conducted in the city. So I decided to give it a shot. It was the BEST decision I have ever made. It has literally turned my world around. If someone ever asks me now I can proudly say "I CARE about my country and I’m doing my bit"- Kishore Kumar, Software Engineer, Chennai


Sarla and Kishore may seem like disconnected individuals but they are in fact, comrades in arms, united by a common purpose. They are both ardent volunteers! 

Thousands of volunteers are constantly contributing their time and skills in both big and small ways across the nation.

In fact, India has a rich history replete with examples of dedicated volunteers. “We often overlook the fact that the entire freedom movement in India was driven by volunteer zeal!” says ShalabhSahai, Co-Founder & Director, iVolunteer. He adds, “Unfortunately though, at the level of society - within families and institutions, among peers, at state and policy levels and in businesses - there is hardly any recognition of volunteers and volunteering. Today potential volunteers have little inspiration and almost no support to thrive on.”

Volunteers are constantly contributing towards India’s social development, but while volunteering continues in the background it is somehow absent from the mainstream national psyche.

The iVolunteer Awards aim to change this by celebrating, rewarding and promoting volunteering in India. The awards will raise awareness around volunteering by sharing stories of volunteers and organisations that engage them. Stories that will ‘inspire by example’ and create an environment that will encourage more people to volunteer.

Celebrated annually, the iVolunteer Awards are today India's premier national recognition for volunteers and organisations that promote volunteering bringing to light a wealth of inspiring volunteer stories. Awards will be presented in three categories

  • ‘Volunteer Hero’ - This category recognizes individuals who have impacted India’s social development and inspired others to volunteer through their voluntary work throughout the year. Read More
  • ‘Leader in Volunteer Engagement’: This category recognizes NGOs engage volunteers effectively, using policies and procedures that are innovative and which advance the organisation’s goals. Read More…
  • ‘Leader in Employee Volunteering’: This category recognizes companies with the best employee volunteering practices that encourage volunteering among their team. Read More.. 

Do you know of a hero whose story deserves to be brought to the forefront? Do you see a hero in your office or neighbourhood who can inspire by example?

Don’t hesitate!

Apply to the iVolunteer Awards or Nominate someone doing great volunteer work today because we assure you that every volunteering story will contribute in starting a volunteering revolution.

About The iVolunteer Awards 

iVolunteer Awards celebrate, reward and promote volunteering in India. The Awards recognise the contribution of volunteers and organisations that promote volunteering; sharing stories that inspire by example and creating an environment that will inspire more people to volunteer.

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