Govt targets barefoot entrepreneurs to boost job creation

Monday, November 13th, 2017


The government of India is targeting the barefoot entrepreneurs to train them for digital skills. The Modi government is positive about empowering the informal economy to create new jobs. 


The ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship plans to reach tens of thousands of barefoot entrepreneurs for the skill development program. The ministry is confident that empowering these barefoot entrepreneurs will help in creating thousands of new jobs. The government will roll out the pilot program in Chhapra, Bihar.


The informal economy includes employees working in manufacturing, construction, trade (wholesale and retail). The major challenge faced by the government while working in these sectors is the problem of job creation. Barefoot entrepreneurs will include businesses like small grocery stores, tailoring shops, roadside vendors and a small laundry services business. The government plans to target all small business owners working in smaller towns and subdivision.


When the media spoke to a top government official. He said, “If 15 million of such establishments add even one more employee to their current capacity then 15 million new jobs will get created.” The government data suggests that about 30 million establishments are already in the informal sector. The skills development ministry wants to empower these establishments to create more jobs.


The anonymous government officials said, “The aim is to achieve scale on this. A formal scheme is being formulated for implementing this initiative. Country of entrepreneurs and helping these people at the grassroots will boost employment generation”. India is a country with a great spirit of entrepreneurship. Any efforts to boost the entrepreneurship will result in a job creation.


The government plans to give a loan to candidates with unique business concepts. More than the jobs, these entrepreneurs will get a mentorship and help from the right individuals. The government wants to create jobs in the right place where. The government wants to create quality jobs that can help the informal jobs sector make decent money.

- Rajat Kabade


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