Indian techies need to reskill to keep their job

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018




While everyone is concerned about the US government’s regulation on the H-1B visa, the IT leaders believe that the Indian IT industry should rather focus on re-skilling programs. Nasscom president believes that Indian IT workers should be worried about upgrading their skills to keep their jobs.


The IT professionals heavily rely on the H-1B visa to work for the US clients. As part of President Trump’s ‘Buy American, Hire American’ campaign, the US government is imposing stricter rules for the approval and extension of H-1B visa. While the move will have an adverse effect on the Indian IT companies, the employees need to focus on reskilling to meet the demands of future jobs.


Nasscom President R Chandrasekhar told ET Now that reselling is extremely important for every employee to retain their existing job. Salil Parekh, the CEO of Infosys also emphasized on reskilling in his address on his first day at Infosys. Indian IT companies are taking constructive steps towards incorporating reskilling programs for its workforce. 


Even earlier R Chandrashekhar had shared similar views. According to PTI, he had said, “The new jobs require higher skills and therefore reskilling has become very important. Reskilling and upskilling have become a topmost priority for employee retention so every employee knows today if they don’t upskill sooner or later they are going to be redundant.”


Rishad Premji, the chief strategy officer at Wipro believes that graduates need to upgrade their skills to bag the job in today’s world. He said, “Given how much change is happening in the technology space, the lifespan of skills is becoming much shorter and as a consequence, the need to upgrade faster is that much more important. Upgrading of skills, moving your capabilities into new skill areas is very, very important and organizations and the IT industry is very focused on helping people get there. Reskilling of people to move into new technology areas is a big focus today.”


As the advancements in the technology are introducing an efficient process for companies performing repetitive tasks, the need for human capital will go down. Job seekers must possess the advanced skills that the industry will demand in the future in order to retain the job. The Indian IT industry currently employed 3.9 million professionals.


- Rajat Kabade


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