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Monday, January 29th, 2018





A survey conducted by Kaggle during August 2017 on 16,000 data professionals revealed the raw data regarding the level of job satisfaction amongst the data professionals. The survey covered various aspects of machine learning, data science, education and more.


Job Satisfaction Value

Job Satisfaction Value is a useful measure while evaluating employer and employee relationships that further helps in the management of the business. The employees with higher Job Satisfaction Value will show better performance on their job and likely to continue in with the same company as compared to the employees with lower Job Satisfaction Value. Besides, these employees convey an enhanced experience to the clients, ultimately contributing towards efficient productivity and soaring revenue.


The respondents of survey asked to specify their job title, from a checklist of fifteen jobs mentioned in the list including Computer Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, and Programmer. Further, the respondents are requested to rate the job satisfaction level on the scale of 1 to 10 by asking the question ‘how satisfied are you with your current job?’


Job Satisfaction Value of Data Professionals

The outcomes revealed that data professionals are highly satisfied with their present job with average Job Satisfaction Value of 6.8. 75 percent responded that they were satisfied by rating, between 6 to 10 whereas about 19.4 percent data professionals cited the rating of 9 or 10. Merely about 25 percent of the data professionals said that they were unsatisfied.     


The outcomes clearly revealed that the Job satisfaction Level drastically changes across job designations. Data professionals commonly known as Machine Learning Engineers, Predictive Modelers and Data Scientists are noted the highest Job Satisfaction Value with 83%  and Programmers, Database engineers and Engineers rare noted the least level of satisfaction with 59%.


The findings of this reports recommended that several data professionals namely Programmers, Database Engineers, Engineers, Software Developers where the job involves an extreme level of technology and programming skills are reported low Job Satisfaction Value.


On the contrary, data professionals namely Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Predictive Modelers and Researchers where the job emphasize on math/statistics skills are reported high Job Satisfaction Value.


While concluding, one can clear discover that the Job Satisfaction Value extensively varies with a variety of job activities.



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