SAPs HR head message for job seekers

Friday, January 26th, 2018





SAP is known as the best place to work for. The enterprise application software company works with a mission to help companies and enterprises of all sizes. 


The company is working towards its goals by creating a supportive environment for its employees. Glassdoor’s 2018 list of best places to work has awarded the first rank to SAP. The company has successfully created a supporting, challenging and inspiring work culture for the employees. SAP invests a good budget in continuous learning, mentoring and developing new opportunities for its employees.


The company is already doing an amazing job in enterprise application business. The laser-focused approach in the employee’s overall development has helped SAP achieve the position. Stefan Ries, the Chief Human Resources Officer at SAP said, “Candidates and employees can afford to be choosier than in the past. It means employers must learn how to market their open positions in ways that resonate with what today’s job seekers are looking for.”


SAP is one of the very few companies to believe that the employers need to meet employee’s demands in order to create a thriving workplace. Transparency and trust are deeply integrated into the SAP’s work culture. The company has maintained various communication channels to let the employees know about the latest events and decisions.


The company also conducts various coffee corners, all-hands meetings and annual sessions with the senior leadership to create one-one discussion opportunities. The internal departments at SAP are focused on helping employees and leaders succeed in their specific roles. The company has developed mentoring programs, learning & career development programs, success counseling centers, business network groups and more for its employees.


Referring to building a great company culture, Stefan Ries said, “It’s hard to break it down into one single aspect. Employee trust and engagement do not come overnight. This is the result of many efforts over years – and the journey continues each new day. We can’t take trust for granted. And it must come from both sides: the top leaders and our employees.”


The company has a “Bring Everything You Are, Become Everything Want” policy. Candidates can work on their personal development while working at SAP. Employees can even voice their testimonials on the public platform. Employees can provide examples of how SAP has a culture of openness, innovation, encouragement and how challenging the work culture is at SAP.


SAP believes in creating a diverse workforce. The employees can bring different experiences and ideas to the table. The company has created an exciting work environment by betting on the diverse workforce that it has employed. The company believes that the innovative approach will help the work run better and improve people’s lives.


Ries also talks about what SAP looks for in a potential employee. He said, “Since our people are our greatest assets and the source of SAP’s innovation and continued success we choose them carefully and hope to attract the right ones. We are always on the lookout for people with diverse personal and professional backgrounds who are true team players and think outside-of-the-box. We look for passionate, authentic and genuine individuals who are in turn looking for a place they can come to help make an impact.”


- Rajat Kabade


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