Freelance jobs, an opportunity for Indian techies to boost their career

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

There is a spike in the availability of freelance jobs in India. The shift towards flexible work positions is helping the organizations create more freelance jobs.


The millennial IT workers are preferring part-time, work-from-home job options over full-time positions. The emerging technologies are further helping the IT workers to work remotely. Freelance careers are often explored to ensure a more sustainable work-life balance. These jobs provide an excellent opportunity for employers to cut operational costs.


According to TimesJobs hiring trend report, freelancing is the most sought profession. India is the largest market for freelancers in the world. Indian techies are applying for freelance and consultancy positions in the emerging technologies. Freelance positions in emerging technologies like AI, data science, and machine learning offer a very high payment to the techies. Indian freelancers make an average income of Rs 40 lakh per annum.


The global companies are outsourcing their projects to the Indian freelancers. Clients from US, UK, Australia and several European countries outsource their IT projects to Indian freelancers. PayPal’s report, ‘Insights into the freelancer’s ecosystem’ suggests that 82% Indian men and 48% females prefer taking up freelancing.


The key reason behind this shift is the flexibility that the IT professionals can have by opting for freelancing. For women, the freelancing sector has become a boon as they can boost their career without compromising on the family. Freelance jobs are offering the much-needed work-life balance in the lives of Indian techies.


Another reason that is driving the Indian techies to take up the freelance projects is the income. Fifteen projects and 13 retainer clients can give a significant income and security to the freelancers in India. With the increasing number of freelancers, the community will contribute significantly to country’s economy.

- Rajat Kabade


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