While Indian IT is struggling to create jobs, Infosys hired 2,500 American workers

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

While Indian IT professionals are struggling to get the work visa for the US, the Indian IT firm is on a hiring spree in the US. Infosys has created employment opportunities for 2,500 American workers in 2017.  

The Trump administration continues to make H-1B visa approval difficult. Indian techies are finding it extremely difficult to get the work visa for the US. The new government’s “Buy American, Hire American” campaign has killed the hopes of highly-skilled, eligible immigrant workers. India’s second-leading IT firm is creating a large number of work opportunities for the American workers.

Infosys is among the top employment generators for India. The IT services company has a large client base in the US. While Infosys is battling to secure visas for Indian techies, it is also hiring more locals than ever before. According to the latest report, Infosys has hired over 2,500 American IT professionals in 2017.The report comes at a time when Infosys has stopped recruiting a mass number of employees in India. In fact, the company has laid off thousands of employees between January 2016 to January 2017. Owning to automation of low-skill jobs, Infosys laid off 9,000 IT workers. The total headcount of Infosys has shrunk by 1,811 in the financial year of 2016-17.


The Indian IT industry has been hit by the impact of AI and automation. The multi-billion dollar industry that relies on BPM (Business Process Management) and IT services has been through the severe impact of automation. The Indian IT industry laid off over 56,000 workers in 2017, which is more than even 2008’s financial crisis.

Infosys has committed to hiring 10,000 American workers by 2020. Just a few days ago, the company opened an innovation hub in Indianapolis. It is the Infosys’s first Innovation Hub in the US, which is designed to re-skill and up-skill employees on emerging technologies. Company’s hiring plans for the US come as a surprise since H-1B woes have created the panic in the industry.


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