Why Hyderabad scores high in job security for IT employees?

Friday, May 4th, 2018

Hyderabad is turning out to be one of the hot spots for IT employees in India.  As per a report by Belong, an outbound hiring company, the number of techies losing their jobs in Hyderabad is less when compared to Bangalore. The co-founder of Belong, Rishabh Kaul is of the opinion that "For many years now we have heard that Hyderabad is India's next Silicon Valley. But now for the first time we have data to prove that it is a more viable option for tech companies because of higher retention and comparatively lower salaries owing to a lower cost of living." 

Today, a major concern area for IT companies is retrenchment, which is a common occurrence in the tech world. As per Belong's research, Hyderabad enjoys the lowest attrition rates in India as it witnesses 40 to 60% less attrition than Bangalore. In terms of percentage, Hyderabad’s attrition late is less than even the national average as well. 

This report analyzed last two year's data of some of the top companiesIBM, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wells Fargo, Microsoft and Amazon.

Experts believe that for both tech startups as well as established companies, Hyderabad is often the most attractive destination as it has a rich talent pool, affordable & reliable infrastructure and a pro-business environment by government. 

Executive Director of TiE Hyderabad, Phani Pattamatta says "If people comprise 60-65 percent of a tech company’s operation cost, attracting best engineers to do the job becomes as important as the ability to retain them for longer tenures. And Hyderabad seems to be scoring well on this front by having lower attrition compared to other Indian cities."

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