Good news for jobseekers; Indian firms are positive about hiring

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Fresh graduates are struggling to find jobs in today’s tough market and blaming the IT firms for the same. However, a global survey says that Indian firms are the 7th most optimistic employers in the world. 

The survey by the ManpowerGroup employment Outlook for July-September period records positive hiring sentiments among Indian IT firms. The ManpowerGroup covered over 5,110 firms in the country. The survey result notes that payrolls offered by Indian firms remain stable as compared to the last quarter.

AG Rao, Group MD of ManpowerGroup said, “New government initiatives coupled with investors’ interest in start-ups is generating a growth trajectory in some sectors. Owing to the dynamics of a rapidly evolving business environment, contract staffing is taking precedence over the traditional workforce. Services, the key driver of India’s economic growth, has been the dominant sector in India attracting foreign investment flows, contributing significantly to exports and therefore providing large-scale employment.”

The global survey by ManpowerGroup covered nearly 60,000 organizations from 44 countries and territories. The group notes that countries like Japan, Croatia, Hungary and Taiwan report the most optimistic hiring forecasts while other regions including Italy, Panama, and Spain are the weakest one.


Compared to the previous quarter, hiring prospects in Indian firms has improved by 1%. The same comparison with the previous fiscal year shows 2% growth. This services sectors in India continue to create better employment opportunities. Indian organizations in wholesale and retail trade, services sector have reported net employment outlook of 20%. 

Rao further added, “Major trends that will drive recruitment in 2018 in India are diversity, automated recruitment, virtual reality, remote working options among other. The HR industry is also trending towards a marketing approach to hiring to attract the right talent.”

While employees complain about dipping payrolls, major firms are expecting to increase the payrolls in all four regions. North and South region have reported highest outlook of 18%. South continues to be the IT hub and North being the talent center.


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