7 tech skills that will get you hired at TCS

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is known for its good work culture. Today, TCS is the largest Indian IT firm in terms of market capitalization. 

TCS has several job vacancies for roles such as QA engineer, System architect, Business analyst, Project manager, Technical sales engineer, Trainee engineer, Linux programmer, Application developer etc. Here are 7 tech skills that job seekers need to have or should develop to get hired by TCS:


1. A strong foundation of programming languages like Python, C, C++, JAVA


The most common skill required for various jobs at TCS is programming knowledge. Knowing more than one programming language will give you an edge over other applicants. Having a relevant certification or equivalent programming experience can strengthen the chances of getting hired. 


2. Understanding of the automotive domain


75% of the job positions at TCS listed require an understanding of the automotive domain. The internet has a lot of information regarding this domain, and you could also look at books by famous authors to get a firm grasp on the newest developments in this domain.


3. Good knowledge of UML, System engineering


UML or Unified Modelling Language is a developmental, general-purpose modeling language used in software engineering. UML is a standard way to visualize the design of a system. This, along with some basic system engineering knowledge, forms a valuable core skill to get hired at TCS.


4. Functional experience in EWM


The basic, functional skill which goes a long way when it comes to bagging a job at TCS is functional experience in EWM. Not only will it give you an edge over others, it will also make your credentials much stronger.


5. Application Development Skill


Creating new applications and enhancing the existing ones is highly demanded job role. TCS is recruiting people that specialize in application development. As the world is slowly stepping into a digital era, mobile applications have become an inevitable part, increasing demand for app developers. 


6. Multithreading skills


Multithreading is the ability of the CPU to execute multiple threads and processes, supported by the operating system. It aims to increase utilization of a single core by using instruction level parallelism. Knowledge of this ability is a valuable tech skill. TCS works on a number of legacy systems that require a candidate to have multithreading knowledge.


7. Debugging


Debugging is the process of finding different issues and problems in a software that prevent the operating system from functioning in a normal way. It proves useful to have this skill, as most companies have openings for QnA engineers. Candidates can take online courses to learn to debug.


If you'd like to work for this incredible organization, there are various job openings specific to the skills listed above available on the company's job portal

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