Jobseeker Testimonials

  • A specific incident that impressed me was when I had to come to Mumbai for an interview when there was a political tension in Mumbai. A consultant from JobsForGood offered assistance proactively. This made JobsForGood very special."
    - By -Harshada Kulkarni, Pune on 3rd January 2013 on 8 Jan, 2014
  • I was looking for a job for almost 6 months, then I was contacted by a Consultant from JobsForGood. I felt very positive about everything after my interview with her. It made me feel as if i was giving interview with a potential employer. Keep up the good work. All the best!
    - By - Nikita Lakhani, Mumbai on 5th September 2013 on 8 Jan, 2014
  • The ease of dealing with their consultants is a major USP of JobsForGood.
    - By - Shayama Dutta, Pune on 16th December 2013 on 8 Jan, 2014
  • From day one on-wards, right from interview scheduling, providing immediate updates after completion of interviews, co-ordination between the company and my profile was very well co-ordinated.

    Just like JobsForGood placed me in an excellent organization, they continues to place other similar candidates in good organizations.
    - By - Venkatesh Maguloori, Hyderabad on October 17, 2013 on 8 Jan, 2014
  • I have had a lot of experience in dealing with recruitment agencies and had become cynical of the whole process. However, when I was introduced with JobsForGood my perspective was completely changed. I have received outstanding service from the consultant with whom I have dealt.

    I am convinced that personalized customer service in the recruitment industry is definitely the way forward and that Jobs for Good have mastered the art.
    - By - Sharaddha Shiriskar, Mumbai on 20th May 2013 on 17 Jun, 2013
  • Keeping it straight and simple seemed to be their approach and I was happy to note this. I recollect that simplicity and integrity in discussion was what attracted me to the role being offered.
    - By - Aziz Rattanse, Hyderabad on 6th November 2012 on 17 Jun, 2013
  • JobsForGood services are personalised. They made me feel good at every point. Information and background was provided. Every time I called or wrote an email, I received a fast response and action-from start to finish.

    It was positive energy and made me feel that the service was personalised.
    - By -Kalpana Verma, Mumbai on 3rd March 2013 on 17 Jun, 2013
  • What is unique about JobsForGood is their unique focus on jobs in the development and social enterprise sector. It is amazingly rewarding to work in this sector and great to see an agency that is focused on providing recruitment solutions for them.

    I was kept updated on a regular basis, provided encouragement and all my questions were answered. Could not have asked for better support from a recruitment agency.
    - By -Perzen Darukhanawalla, Mumbai on 10th February 2013 on 17 Jun, 2013
  • My experience with JobsForGood was a good change from the typical corporate HR consultants. My consultant was very friendly and understanding. She would follow up all the time and was available all the time for any queries, which was really great! She was in touch with me throughout the process, right till my date of joining.
    - By -Tanushree Sahay, Mumbai on 19th December 2013 on 17 Jun, 2013
  • JobsForGoodís services are unique as they cater to a very specific sector: Non profits and social enterprises. The JobsForGood team has the expertise in searching, identifying, matching / placing the right candidate with an outstanding NGO. I especially would like to thank the consultants for making the entire process a cake walk.
    - By -Nita Selena, Mumbai on 5th June 2013 on 17 Jun, 2013
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